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Hey guys...

Hey guys, I have a problem v.v; And I'm hoping you all can help!

Well, there's a guy. (There's always a guy, isn't there?) He goes to my highschool, he's a senior while I'm a sophomore, he was crowned Prom Prince last year, he's the captain of the varsity football team, on the varsity baseball team, star of every school play, amazingly hot and...

He lives on my street.

I mean normally I wouldn't even think I could have a chance with this guy, but he lives on my street! I'm friends with his younger sister, who's a freshman now!

He's also REALLY nice, I mean so I've heard. He's sweet to absolutley everyone, he cares, and he's just so perfect.

But the problem? I think he hates me -.- I tried talking to him online a couple of times, and the third time I IMed him, I got no reply back. Depressing as hell, I assure you. I IMed him a fourth time, and I got no reply back. Even more depressing.

I found his Xanga, suscribed, and left a comment. He always replies back to comments, but he didn't to mine. I know he's just ignoring me, because he probably thinks I'm a loser sophomore.

I want to forget him and look at other guys my age, but it's HARD! What should I do...not give up, or forget him?

-Gen, confused Gryffindor.
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