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Hey there Healers!  Hope I didn't catch you napping or anything.  Not that I'd blame you, after all it's been rather quiet round here for the past few months.  Anyway, wake up sleepyheads!  I have a question/problem!  :-) 

About a year and a half ago I graduated from college and moved from my hometown in the Washington, DC area to Atlanta, GA.  I didn't know anyone here except the person I moved down to live with.  She had an extra room to rent.  Since then, I've had major difficulty making friends.  I haven't found anybody I really connect with.  I knew it was going to be harder without the structure of school to shunt people with similar interests together, but I still wasn't prepared for it.  I have lots of friends all over the nation/world but virtually no-one here in town beyond the two wonderful people I live with.  I get very lonely.  So does anybody have any good ideas about how to meet cool people?  I have a couple things that I'm trying out, and a few others that I've already tried and given up on.  But I don't want to talk about them yet because I don't want them to bias anybody's responses.  Thoughts?

Oh, btw, I'm interested in getting involved with the Hospital Wing myself, either as a healer or in some other capacity.  Keep me posted as the reorganization continues. 
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Nooo, lj ate my comment! Bad LJ!

General gist: Try taking a fun course at a community college, maybe something arts and crafts related. My mom's in a similar position and signed up for a tinwork class.

Or- look for a group with your interests. You could check out your nearest Borders' newsletter and see what meetings are being held there over the next month.
Woah I have no idea, but try joining a youth group I did and it rocks. Btw Healer positions will be open in June.

~Head Healer
A. I'm 24. I think I might be a little old for youth groups.
B. I'm an atheist. Are there non-religious youth groups?
I'm an athiest too, I mean I joined a goverment youth group we get to get involved in the city, mine is 13-24, but I bet there are some for your age group.
Hmmm... interesting.
Er. Am I late?

.. I don't really know how to make friends. How's your personality? Are you anti-social and along the lines or friendly/outgoing/etcs? I guess it more so depends on your personality and how willing you are to try to find/make friends.

- Coffee shops.
Now, I don't know a thing about it as my city is filled with teenyboppers who claim that coffee is the next best thing to hot chocolate, but I hear coffee shops are great places to pick up people - friends or dates.

- Clubs/Dancing.
Again, I guess it depends more on how far out you'll go. Usually at clubs, you'll find a dancing partner. And if you can start a conversation and hold it for more than ten seconds while you're dancing, I'm sure you'd make a friend that way.

- Volunteer.
Probably the best way to make friends. Whether you're 24, 48, or 16 - volunteering is way fun, once you let yourself go in it, and it provides a better background experience to interact with people. Usually big parks [with a park office] or the library has some papers about it.

- The library!
That's a good place too. This is just spur of the moment, sorry. I'm not really thinking straight. But uh, finding people that have the same interests as you is very cool too.

Sorry. Again, I'm not thinking straight. I've just abandoned this community because of school and decisions. Hope it helps, if any. :/

-Christine, Hufflepuff healer.