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I updated everything:
-6 members now:
Head Healer
3 Healers
Headmister & Co < - - Lol

- Given Moderating abilities and such

-Cleaned things out a bit

-Started working on our Clubs thing

Please do not join this community, there is no need to. It's open only because people had problems posting in the past. If you join you'll only be deleted.

Healers watch this space and if you see in posts or comments with rude messages don't hesitate to delete it and please notify me.

We had an issue of being anonymous, just email the questions to me, and then I'll post it here. Don't worry I don't need your name or anything, just tell me that it's for this community and then keep track of comments.

Healers you're doing a great job. Just one thing we are no longer being healers from separate houses, so no more ravenclaw healer etc. you're just all healers. Okay, I used the word healer how many times in that sentence?

<3 Athy / Head Healer / Hufflepuff

Ps. Ignore spelling mistakes I'm the worst speller ever.
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