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Hey y'all,
I've edited this post to remove specific info about my problem. I had some issues with the co-prefects. But we're trying to work it out now. We'll see what happens. Sorry I had to delete comments that gave specific info, but Bren requested I try to be quiet and civil about my qualms. If you didn't see the original post and want to know what's going on, you can take it up with me personally via e-mail. Below is my e-mail address, each letter spelled phonetically to avoid spammers...

dee eff yoo enn kay emm ay ell ee AT jee emm ay eye ell DOT see oh emm
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Deleted comment

The heads are aware of the situation and David has been sent an email to discuss the situation. :)
:) good to know
Yup. Saw it right after I posted here. I've already replied.
This is much less inflammatory, thanks. If anything's said to you in email that you think I should know about and the person who sent it to you doesn't mind, feel free to forward it to me (or forward it to me with their name removed if you prefer).
Hi, sorry this reply is really late. If you still want to talk about it I can email you, or if it's been dealt with already then sorry, Just ignore me.