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Hello. My name's Christine and I need some wisdom on my little problem that's going to make my brain implode on impact any second now with further thought.

* - Changed name.

Mary* and I have been friends for the past 11 years, since I was six years old. We met in the later semester of kingergarten and I have many fond memories of us playing together and the like. You could call us best friends, as we were always together up until fourth grade when she moved away to another city, fifteen minutes away. Though it was quite a distance to hassle our parents to drive to, we saw each every two months - not bad for a pretty distant relationship amoung friends. However, as the years passed and we entered highschool, we grew more distant and farther away from each other.

Just this weekend, I saw her again. She drives now, so she can go back to our neighborhood full of nostalgia, talk about good times, have some fun, and drive away until our next meeting. Imagine my surprise when everything just about falls apart.

She smokes now, kiddies. And does drugs: crack and pot and weed. She drinks too, liquor.

I don't know how to approach this problem. It's a problem, alright. One, its dangerous for her health as she's only 17 now. She started a year ago, when she was 16. Two, its dangerous for my health because having an autoimmune disease makes one very vulnerable to outside toxins and dangers. Three, its damaged my view of her as a friend.

I don't even regard her as a friend anymore. I can't. She does too many bad things and its a danger to my health - to everyone's, if you think about it in the bigger perspective. It's just plain BAD.

I want to break it down to her. I want to help her. But she's already crossed my judgement on just how impaired she is when it comes to smoking.

On Friday, she went to a gas station and bought ciggarettes. The cashier didn't card her since she appeared over 20, and she would have just gone to a different place to get them if they didn't give it to her. She starts smoking. [STRIKE ONE]

Saturday; She picks me up and my friend. (Mind you, she's endangering my friends.) She starts smoking. AND CONTINUES TO DO SO FOR 5+ HOURS. [STRIKE TWO]

I made up my mind slightly; the next time she smokes, its STRIKE THREE.

Just... how can I break it to her? How can I help her? I've offered to get her nicotine patches, to break away before it gets really bad and she took it as a joke. She smokes half a pack a day. That's ten ciggarettes in one day. Help, please?

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