EVERYbODY'S FOOL (silent_storm_) wrote in comfybed,

Yes I KNOW I'm supposed to be a healer... but even we have problems :)

OK, yes I'm a healer, and yes I have a problem that's sort of friendship/love related I guess.


So I have this friend, and since this is the internet I'm going to call her SS has been one of my best friends since I moved to Indiana, when I was 2.  We've known each other all through then.  She moved to Singapore, we were still best friends.  She came back, and nothing had changed.

But now we're 14.  And everything is drama drama drama when you hit 14.  I hate it. Drama should die.

But anyway.  You have to understand our bus, the big yellow twinkie we ride to school every day.  The one everybody envies because it's the funnest.  The main people on this bus include myself, S, and we're really the only 'cool girls' that are involved in this (yes I actually am cool... on my bus at least.)  Then there's T and M.  T  and M are some of my best friends in the whole world, S too.  We've known each other forever and we can act kooky and silly around them and have fun.

Then somebody started a stupid rumor that S liked T.  Then that was quieted but then there was another one where she liked M.  She got incredibly upset over this, because there's a way to be friends with someone and not like them, obviously.  So those went buh-bye for a while, but tonight my friend C (who became my ultimate friend and practically my twin in 6th grade) was talking to S online tonight, only we thought it was her brother, because it didn't sound like her.  Or she wasn't typing like herself.  So while C was figuring out if it was her or not, she'd told me about something she'd said earlier, that said I acted like a complete flirt on the bus and that I liked M and T.  That really upset me because I don't, I'm just a really outgoing person and they're my friends.  And she knows who I like, and I know she knows that because a) I tell her everything and b) I re-told her last weekend.

So C showed me what S had written, something along the lines of 'I really think Echo likes M and T.  Do you think so?  I mean, you should see the way she acts around them.'  Which bothers me, because she knows the feeling of things like that being assumed about her and it's not a very nice feeling.

So I was the bigger person and backed out of the conversation, but i see her every day and she was my best friend, so I'm not sure how to deal with this.  Help!

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